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      Normally, we would talk about how there's nothing like having a tough and exhausting work week and at the end of the week having a night to unwind, relax, and even vent with friends if you need to! However, given the current environment of dealing with the coronavirus, many people are staying at home. That's probably a bigger need than going into the office these days!!


      That's why Friday Night Wine Down was created. It's the end of the work week, whether that means working 40 or more hours that week or hustling around with the kids and household all week. You need sometimes to decompress before the busy weekend hits. This was the catalyst for Simply Stemless. Since, we are about a modern and fun twist on all things wine but the wine. We thought this would be a great way to give a little wine away from an award-winning wine club- a wine club ranked #1 by Buyers Guide.org or let you choose some essentials from Simply Stemless!


      $75 Gift Card GIVEAWAY


      You may not can get together in person currently for a Friday Night Wine Down but get creative. Host an online Friday Night Wine Down with you and your friends hopping online via Zoom or Facebook, each with a glass of wine, and chat, vent, do whatever you need to release a little stress! It is still a good time to wine down!! And, if you don't want to do that, if you're the lucky winner just save your wine from Firstleaf or your gift from Simply Stemless to share with friends when hibernation is over!!


      After you enter, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on how you can earn even more contest entries to increase your chances of winning!! Hint: just refer your family and friends to sign-up as well...


      Good Luck!!