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      Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.


      We're Simply Stemless and we sell creative and unique wine glasses and wine accessories.


       Simply Stemless stems, no pun intended, from my love of wine and fun. One night years ago, I was having a tough time at work. I texted a few friends venting. I told them I wish they could over with wine and chat. To my surprise, they all said yes. Each one brought over a glass of wine, we ordered pizza, and we chatted and laughed until after midnight.


      Now, one Friday night each month, I host what has come to be known as "Friday Night Wine Down". A few of my closest friends come over after work, each bringing a bottle of wine. We eat, drink, laugh, let off some steam, and enjoy each other's company after a long and often times exhausting work week. So, grab some wine, some friends, and your favorite wine glass and host your own "Friday Night Wine Down". You won't regret it!


      Additional, I believe in what I call "Sip with a Cause". What that means is that 10% percentage of all sales are donated to 2 charities- American Diabetes Association and St. Jude Children's Hospital. Both of these non-profit organizations are near and dear to my heart and I hope you will take a moment and read more about them below.


      Simply Stemless also has a strong company mission that encompasses everything we do…


      "To help create a wine drinking experience that is as unique as you are by providing modern, fun, and creative wine glasses and wine accessories to ensure every sip is just as you imagined. Our goal is to deliver quality products accurately and promptly every time while providing superior customer service by living our living breathing values every day."


      We also strive to live what is called our "LBVs"- Living Breathing Values- meaning they are alive and live in our hearts everyday!


      Faith- faith is at the center of everything we believe and do at Simply Stemless!

      Family- spending time with loved ones and expressing how much we love them!

      Work- serve others and each other with authenticity, care, encouragement, and respect!

      Fitness- strive to take care of ourselves physically and mentally to accomplish all we're meant to! 


      We look forward to assisting you with all of your wine glass and wine accessories needs. I would love for you to take a moment to browse the store to see what we have to offer!


      Happy Wine Down!