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       Download your wine down checklist here!


      • Ask everyone to bring a variety of wines to try something new. It's a lot more fun than having 5 bottles of Merlot.

      • Be adventurous with themes and foods. The main purpose of the wine down is to relax and laugh a lot with friends. What better to do than talking about the creative dishes everyone brought!

      • Remember to do your wine down your way. These are only tips and resources that I've used for my own wine downs but feel free to create your own themes and way of doing things.


      Here are some monthly wine down theme recommendations. My friends and I have enjoyed these tremendously and I hope you will as well, if you choose to try them!



      We’re all about starting the year off being more health conscious. So, you can coordinate healthy dishes. Salads, low-carb dishes, and take it easy with dessert unless you can do s light one- not so sweet.


      It’s winter and cold out. What better way to warm up than with the comfort of breakfast food? So, have a brinner theme- breakfast for dinner! Who says mimosas are just for brunch! This is also the month of love and the end of football season. You can always do a theme around those topics!


      It’s St. Patrick’s Day time! Irish dishes. This was really fun because none of us are Irish, but it gave us an opportunity to research and get creative with our dishes and just try something new and different.


      Around the world. Assign each friend a different country and they have to bring a dish from that country. Try to be fun but fair with this one. Don’t assign someone a country you know they wouldn’t food from, lol. But at the same time, try to get people to think outside the box. Luckily, it’s only five of us, so we can manage and coordinate this but if you have more than that, I can imagine this getting wild but always fun!


      Make your own tacos. This was a blast. Everyone contributed to the different toppings. I provided the meats- shrimp, chicken, and beef. Someone brought some queso and chips and another person supplied dessert. So much fun this night!


      Make your own pizza time! For this one, a couple of people brought their cauliflower crusts, but I supplied mini thin crusts as well and a few various meat toppings. Someone brought cheese, another veggies, another sauce, and another dessert. Pizza can go well with either red or white.


      All things summer! You can even make it cook-out (I’m from the south, lol) or bbq and have the traditionally favorites- hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, etc., and a variety of side dishes. All that go great with rosé, pinot grigio, or a good merlot for the red meat. With the summertime temperature, there’s nothing like hanging out on the back patio until everyone is ready to call it a night.


      Italian theme. We all love Italian food and pasta. One evening a month isn’t going to stop all the great health progress we had made. So, we indulged in some different pasta dishes for this one. Always with a salad to at least get in some veggies.


      Getting ready for the fall but not quite there yet. But soup and salad will start to get you in the fall mood. One of my friends brought a delicious lasagna soup over it was delicious. Someone brought an appetizer, someone salad, another person bread, and another dessert.


      All things fall! The comfort of the fall season is something I like forward to every year, especially here in North Carolina. The tree leaves are turning stunning colors and the temperatures are very pleasant here. Think butternut squash, soup again maybe, corn recipes, all things apples, etc.


      Thanksgiving dishes. Of course, it’s only a few of us so we didn’t have everything, but we coordinated and had a few of our favorites from the big day. We made sure to have this wine down well ahead of Thanksgiving so that we didn’t burn out on Thanksgiving food.


      December was a little different. We always do a holiday brunch and gift exchange. So, any brunch related item you can think of is fine! Think mimosas, mulled wine, or winter sangria!