Earn 2 "stems" aka points for every dollar spent! Redeem stems for rewards! Click the gift below to join!
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      We're excited to introduce Simply Stemless's customer rewards and loyalty program! Now you can earn rewards when you shop with us!

      With Simply Stemless's loyalty and rewards program, you collect Stems which you can trade in for some great savings and rewards!

      Ways you can earn:

      Activity Stems
      Signup 100 Stems
      Order 2 Stems / USD
      Anniversary 50 Stems
      Birthday 100 Stems
      Referral 75 Stems

      Rewards You Can Earn

      As you collect Stems, you'll become eligible to redeem them for rewards. Here are some of the rewards you can earn.

      Reward Stems
      Bronze Reward- Free Shipping for purchases over $60 300 Stems
      Bronze Reward- 5% Coupon 350 Stems
      Bronze Reward- $5 Off Coupon 450 Stems
      Bronze Reward- 10% Coupon 500 Stems
      Bronze Reward- $10 Off Coupon 750 Stems
      Bronze Reward- Free Product: Cone Silicone Bottle Stopper- Set of 2 900 Stems
      Silver Reward- Free Shipping for purchases over $50 1,000 Stems
      Silver Reward- 15% Coupon 1,250 Stems
      Silver Reward- $15 Off Coupon 1,500 Stems
      Silver Reward- Free Product: Gold Plated Wine Charms 1,750 Stems
      Silver Reward- Free Shipping- No Minimum 1,900 Stems
      Gold Reward- Free Shipping for purchases over $45 2,000 Stems
      Gold Reward- 20% Coupon 2,250 Stems
      Gold Reward- $20 Off Coupon 2,500 Stems
      Gold Reward- Free Product: Rolling Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 2) 2,750 Stems
      Gold Reward- Free Shipping- no minimum 2,900 Stems
      Platinum Reward- Free Shipping - no minimum 3,000 Stems
      Platinum Reward- 25% Coupon 3,250 Stems
      Platinum Reward- $25 Off Coupon 3,500 Stems
      Platinum Reward- Free Product: Rose Crystal White Wine Glass Set 3,750 Stems